Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8 Day 39

Suanna has left the building. I've done 5 loads of laundry catching up with myself. The kitties act like they are on sleeping pills, and it is very quiet around here. We had a great time with Suanna- I think we stayed reasonably busy. The kitties loved her, and they (like us) miss her all ready! But they are so tired that I imagine they are just dreaming of her now.

Today, I am thinking of Ryan since he is having a great day. I just know he is. He has worked for several years on Destiny, and he will be at work now for 7 days straight. Everyone who is involved with keeping the servers up and games working is going to be at work. It is exciting for us, too, since it will be all over the local news. The launch starts at midnight somewhere, then works its way around the globe. I have no idea how that is done, but I know it will be a lot of excitement for his group.

I have been shocked by the violence on the Rice video. How can he be out walking around? When a huge football type player punches a woman, that seems to me to be attempted murder. He knocked her out cold then sort of dragged her off the elevator. How scary is that? I can't believe that he is only on suspension. Really? It is way past time to stop that kind of stuff and go with long sentences in prison.

Seattle is going to have to close down some waterfront shops and restaurants so they can build a new seawall. The old one is a hundred years old, and it seems that isn't a good situation.
The city is paying off some of the businesses but not all. I assume that's a real dilemma. So if I were you, I wouldn't come to Seattle for a while. Between the tunnel digging and the sea wall fixing, it just won't be a lot of fun.

Here are the kitties recovering from all the activity:
The news is talking about Destiny. I think I'll take pictures.

the EMP will be made into a Bungie environment from the game, but Ryan won't be there because
he is at work.

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