Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14 Day 45

Today was a little bit of everything. Beautiful weather again. Lunch was a hot dog, so it would at least feel like we were really at the Seahawks game. The game made me a little sad- I know how hard Russell Wilson plans. But you know, the best laid plans........ We lost 3 games last year and well, maybe we will again this year. Who knows? But honestly, I'd never noticed the San Diego quarterback and something deep inside of me really didn't like him. You know how that goes- you meet someone, or not (in this case), and something about them just really makes you not want to know them. His name is Philip Rivers. I guess I should know that but I don't. In fact, I know San Diego is a good team, and they've been predicted to make it to the playoffs. But I'd rather be in the same room with Russell Wilson any day.

After the game, we went to eat steak in Snoqualmie, Washington, because it is really close to the casino where we were going to see Kathleen Madigan. I love Kathleen Madigan. I think I could do most of her routines if there were such a thing as a Kathleen Madigan comedy contest. She had one routine about car seats that I didn't think was too funny, but the rest was right up my comedic alley. I would think everyone knows who she is- and knows at least half of her routines.  We sat next to a huge woman who talked out loud (we were in the second row) and repeated the punch lines, and we sat in front of a woman who repeated lines and had the weirdest laugh I've ever heard. If people ever tell you that you have an annoying laugh- believe them. I've gone through phases of that myself. But no laugh I've ever laughed was like this woman. I'd have said something to her, but she pretty much was too drunk if not mentally impaired in some way. My college roommate had a great laugh. I'd know her anywhere.

So, Alex and I tried to concentrate on Kathleen. I imagine most standup comedians are like that- drunken idiots and people who have weird fascinations with them come to their shows and the poor comic has to deal with it. Comedians are true performers- unlike most film actors. Comedians get one chance, and they have to do it face to face- no retakes. It isn't even like theatrical actors- if you make noise in a theater, you get the boot. But comedy clubs (or places that substitute for them) don't throw you out for just being loud and repeating lines. The woman next to Alex was so fat that she didn't fit in her seat at all and was half on his side, and fortunately, we could move down. She moved down, too, but she did a better job of fitting in our two seats than she did in one. I'm sorry if that offends some of you- but if you are heavy, buy two seats, because if you don't, you wind up being the problem of the poor stranger who paid for a seat and would like the actual air space above it for their own body. And that can make some person damn uncomfortable while the fat person is doing just great.

Anyhoo, Kathleen looked a little weary. I can't imagine what that life is like- on the road, eating casino and club food, and probably being alone.  I hope she's happy. She is not the mean kind of comic, and she should be rewarded for being clever. Ironically, she made a joke about eating a hot dog and a steak on the same day, which is exactly what Alex and I did today. Don't worry, if I have to, one day, I'll pay for two seats.

So, here is a youtube video of Kathleen for you tonight:

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