Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28 Day 59

I'm running late because I had to watch the season finale of Ray Donovan. Best season yet. I'll miss ya, Ray.
Today was a sort of boring day- I did a lot of committee work type stuff and the NYT Xword.
I managed to write a smartass email to some stupid columnist in today's paper who stupidly believes that the Constitution says there is a separation of church and state. WHEN DOES STUPID END? I guess she went to Stupid Website University. Op-ed piece or not, her editor should EDIT her stupidity. I pointed this all out to her.

 But the highlight of the day was going downtown to have dinner with Brian and Liz. Yep, Liz is back from phase 2 of her Santiago De Compestella or whatever it is spelled trek. She's down to the last 200 miles and she'll go finish it later. But boy oh boy- she is really tough to get through that. She looks great, and I am very proud of her. I would not, under any circumstances, since this is all about ME, ever, ever, ever, ever walk over 500 miles. I think my feet would fall off and my body would scream at me for years. Nope. But Liz has some determination in her, and I like that.

I have to get up early for a board meeting, and that is okay except that it is all ready 11:15 here.
The kitties are ready for bed, and they keep trying to head up the stairs without me. They don't make it all the way- they stand on the top step looking at me like I've lost my mind for sitting at the funny glowing box they hate.

So, as they say in the Book of Mormon, tomorrow is a latter day.
See you then!

Since I mentioned it- here's Tomorrow is a Latter Day:

Stunningly, there is a bootleg video of the ENTIRE show with original cast on youtube. How can you not get CAUGHT doing that? Whoa.

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