Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18 Day 49

Today I went for my yearly visit to my primary care physician. She has been my doctor for 16 years- I picked her off of a postcard at my dentist's office. She was brand spanking new. She did have a PhD in pharmacy- the serious kind, not the drug store kind. She worked in pharma. Then she noticed she was smart enough to go to med school, and she all ready knew all about drugs and the Krebs cycle, so it was easy for her. She is teensy and blonde.  I think medical care in general in this area of the country is really crummy. I was so spoiled in Houston at the medical center- world experts were all around and were actually available. But here, the UW med school grads just don't seem to have that level of expertise. UW med school is not very highly ranked, and it really shows. I try to find doctors who went to places like Tulane Med School, UTexas med school, etc.  I am always surprised at the level of care here even in places where you'd expect more. There is a hospital I won't even ENTER anymore since they missed me having a fractured spine. (Good job, Overlake).  But I sort of like Evergreen Hospital and Evergreen doctors, though my PCP isn't affiliated there. I should switch docs because 10 years ago we moved 10 MILES away from my PCP. But oh well, I have addressed my laziness here on this blog a few times before. But this is probably the most egregious example of it.

   She did have to fry some skin lesions and surgically remove one for biopsy. I ceased being friends with the sun when I was about 17. I just got too sick when I went out in it. My joints would swell and I'd get teensy broken blood vessels called petechia. (puh-tee-key-uh).  I've not stayed out without protection since.  But evidently, those first 17 years must have been spectacular. 

Tomorrow I have to drive into the Green Lake area of Seattle, which makes me a nervous wreck just thinking about it. Ryan and I are doing the Beat the Blearch run in Carnation on Saturday and a few thousand people will be picking up their race day packets tomorrow so they can avoid the Saturday and Sunday lines.  If the line is too long, I'll just come home and then go pick up my packet on race day. I'm assuming they will give them out by length of race- I'm in the SHORTEST one which is over 6 miles. You heard me. SIX miles. But they have cake at 3 miles, so I'll make it. Or at least I'll make it to the CAKE. Then we might go home. There is, after all, a 7 hour limit.

The race is in Carnation, Washington. Yep- Carnation. THE Carnation. Because of the Carnation research dairy farm that may or may not still be there. 
It is rural and has about 2000 people. The race will probably have over 6000 people over 2 days. Maybe more. Imagine your little town tripling in size like that. They have a gorgeous park. There are very few unattractive towns in Washington- no kidding. It's like a big movie set.

Well, the only picture I could post would be one of me all full of bandaids and bruises. That's not a good deal. So here is a beautiful picture of Hollis's plumeria:

To send you to sleep, here is the rather adorable Ringo Starr:

I would sing that to my kids. They probably asked me to stop.
I made Alex an entire power point anniversary present once- but I've always loved the illustration I used for the opening. Here it is:
Nighty night.

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