Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25 Day 56

Ah, today I received not one complaint about yesterday's post. That means no one is reading this!
Alex said "I know a lot of women who were good at math", and I had to defend myself. I didn't say there weren't women who were good at math. I think women who are great at math- as in REAL math- as in Calculus THREE, often do not choose to live the occupations that require it. Most women don't really enjoy sitting alone writing code. They enjoy social interaction. But really, let's be honest, most women don't want to work in CS. IN fact, Ryan had a classmate who was very very smart, got a computer science degree from Stanford, and then went to teach dance instead. See? That is how tech companies have such a low number of women. Ryan took a year long program in game programming taught as a certificate course at UW extension. There were girls in the class in the first quarter because who doesn't want to work in games? Alas, they dropped like flies because game programming is HARD and requires lots of time sitting staring at a computer screen. It isn't that tech doesn't TRY, it is that women don't. Sorry, so it goes.

Okay, I quit talking about it.

I am going to my first Board of Management meeting in Olympia tomorrow. It is for the DAR - but the problem is I don't want to wear my hard won pin. It will tear my knit shirt. So I am going to wear my DAR necklace. I doubt that will fly- I will bring my pin in my purse in case someone complains. I don't even know if that is a big deal or not.

I'll take a few pictures if I remember. 

Today was dark and damp but not all that cold. In New Orleans, people would be wearing sweaters, but in Seattle you get used to it, and it doesn't seem that bad.

I've heard there is an alternative to facebook called ELLO that just came out. Good luck with that. I don't know why someone hasn't done a BETTER facebook. But they haven't. And ELLO doesn't sound any better to me. It looks too boring. More like twitter with no limit on words.

My hubby was parked at a garage at the airport this past weekend and while he was gone, the light fixture above his beautiful car exploded and blew shards of glass and metal into his car and damaged EVERY SINGLE PANEL of the car and cracked the windshield. (If a HUMAN had been standing next to the car, it would have been a hospital visit). We park in this garage all the time just so the car will be protected. Looks like it will take a while to get all of that done. What a mess!!

Tonight is a little video of my godkitty, Wylla, when she actually WAS a tiny kitten. It is very short, but so adorable that it has to make you smile.

I've been confused over Maddie's performance with Sia- Maddie is about 10 or 11 years old. She is stunningly talented- I mean unbelievably talented. She dances with a beautiful ease and emotion. But Sia's song is a sad song about a party girl alcoholic. I am so sure that Maddie should not be the dancer for that- she is a KID.  The refrain is "one two three drink". I love the song- I sing it in the car. And people who never heard of Maddie (as opposed to me who has never missed one episode of Dance Moms) now know her from her performances on almost every show thanks to the song. But whoa- I am just not sure it makes any sense that Chandelier is a song that needs a kid in it! As one reviewer said - he felt like he was going to be arrested watching it. Heh. I get his point.

good night on day 56.

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