Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6 Day 37

Today was adventure day. We went to Kirkland to eat at Beach Café and then took a walk. Since it was 83 and very sunny, it was great for pictures, but not good for human mushroom skin. I had on a hat and a jacket, etc. But I would not be surprised if the sun monster got me on the ankles.

Then we drove over to Microsoft and went into Studio C in the lobby only. But Suanna was held up by the Halo characters:

We walked around in Kirkland, so here are those pictures- fall hydrangeas and a waterfront sculpture.

Then we all went home and took a NAP. Ryan is going to be on call for the Bungie game launch starting Monday, so we are taking advantage of his last availability!  We went to Lola for Mediterranean food and then came home and played "13"- or as it is usually called, "the game Lynn never wins". But guess what? I have broken my 16 year losing streak by winning TONIGHT. Oh yeah, I am doing great.  After a victory dance to the artfully hummed tune of Tijuana Taxi, I will now go to bed.

Have a great Sunday. We are having fun without Facebook on Day 37.

Today's song: 

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