Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16 Day 47

Today I went to lunch with my husband, and then watched 3 episodes in a row of season 2 of Orphan Black. This rush of video bingeing is happening because of the On Demand threat of taking the episodes down in September. We have 2 weeks to watch the rest of season 2, and I think we both agree that we would be really sad if we didn't and the show was removed. So binge watching it is. It is a 1 hour show with commercials, and 48 minutes if you zip through the commercials. I just love it but the downside is that once we are caught UP, then when season 3 starts, we are stuck watching it one week at a time. Pfffft.

I've been rewatching the Super Bowl from last year. For lots of reasons. One, to feel better about last week's loss and, two, to enjoy Bruno Mars. I knew every song he did, and I really enjoy him. Something about him seems very New Orleans 1965 to me.

I see that California is now making a law that a car has to be 3 feet from a bicyclist. That is hilarious. Sorry- cars have ALOT of things to watch out for- mostly other cars and up here, impaired drivers. So now, I have to pretend I KNOW when a bicyclist is going to veer left or right and I have to be sure to avoid them by 3 feet? I guess I just won't drive in California. Idiots. The whole concept of bicyclists having a right of way in what is basically a very dangerous situation in which they are the ones who will be killed, well, it is just stupid. I don't get it- it is NOT good for your health to go around riding a bicycle in the city. Just like it is awful for children in strollers at exhaust pipe level. My idea of a horrible nightmare would be hitting a human being with my car- it would never, ever be something I could recover from. I never intend to do it, but I also know that I have no way of knowing when a bike is coming up on me much less judging 3 feet. And being up here in bicycle central, I can assure you that I see bicyclist break the law far more than people in cars do.

And on the up side, I got some new sweatshirts on amazon that cost less then $20 and they are in great bright colors.  See? It is easy to cheer up when you have very simple needs.

Today's video is the adorable Langston von Tussle of Tacoma getting groomed by the very experienced foster momcat, Charlene Butterbean:


Would that it was that easy, eh?

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