Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13 Day 44

Here it is, day 44, and I hardly ever think about Facebook except for remembering that there is a reason I must post something every day. It is more than discipline, it is a way to remember that there was a time when I actually HAD a blog that thousands of people saw. I had time to actually make it funny and interesting. I was so upset when it was hijacked- it was as if I had been assaulted in some way. It reminded me of when textamerica disappeared- just disappeared. No one could find it. It just went away- and with it went all of my photos from my envy2 cell phone. Sure, they were crappy photos- fuzzy and grainy. But they were not replaceable. It was a sad and good lesson to learn. Free internet will go away one day because advertising may not be able to support it. So make sure you pay a little to store your stuff. It CAN go away.

I've looked forward to today for a couple of weeks because that's about how long I've known that Ann from Houston was coming to visit. I love it when someone from my old stomping grounds comes up this way. This is "trick the tourists" season here in Seattle. I'm always entertained when people say "how could you ever leave here- it is so beautiful, and the weather is perfect". Hehheh. It's like going to Whistler during ski season and thinking you can always ski there. But worse- waaaaay worse. It can be so gray and dreary and the days can get so short that there seems to be no purpose in waking up. Or making a bed.  The cats spend 8 months in front of a fire sleeping. I spend 8 months putting Crisco (solid) shortening on my cheeks to keep the skin from peeling off. But it is okay if Ann wants to take that lovely idea home to Texas with her.

 Ann is so familiar to me- I've been friends with her for 29 years. Since Ryan went to SJS for kindergarten with her son, Andrew. She is a very accomplished person and I really enjoy hearing from her. Since she was very busy with her sick friend, she couldn't get away during the week but today was say goodbye time, and I had to grab my 2 hours with her by driving to Burien and eating with her in a cute  little coffee shop. She looks great:
She really liked it here but maybe she'll come back in the late FALL, or better yet, February, and see that it isn't all sunshine and roses up here. 

I've been up here long enough to have had several non-family Houston friends come visit. I so love that. I guess we all have some dream of being where we aren't right now. I'd rather be in Houston. Even in the summer.

We went to see The Drop- now known as James Gandolfini's last film. It was pretty good. The writer was the same guy who did Gone Baby Gone, so if you didn't like THAT movie, you won't like this.
We were in a mostly empty theater, which is too bad. It is definitely worth seeing. A somber film, and, in the end, there is a finality to it that makes you realize there will be no more movies with Jimmy in it. There is a cute little pit bull puppy in it. Almost makes you want to run out and get a pit bull. Or not.

So, tomorrow we will watch the Hawks stomp some other team and then go see Kathleen Madigan- who is not a mean female comedian. Yet she is very funny.

Today's music (which I sing in traffic all the time)  fits the kind of friends I know. I dedicate this post to  Ann:

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