Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27 Day 58

Whew. The trip to Olympia with my buddies, Bronwen and Lanabeth, was a whirlwind. The DAR is the most organized organization ever- at least on the state and national level. Lots of rules and protocol- and lots of ribbons and pins and ritual. I don't ever sleep well in a hotel room without Alex- and this was no exception but I got two good things- the AC cranked down to 67 (even though it was 59 outside) AND the Ryder Cup came on live on NBC at 4 am. I don't watch golf much, but it was pretty entertaining.

George Clooney got married, eh? Well, I hope this accomplished and beautiful 38 year old woman he's bagged enjoys the old man he is rapidly becoming. Yeah, I know, who am I to talk about marrying someone younger. But you know what? I think women age much better than men. We don't get as cranky or look as homeless as some men do as they get older. We hoi polloi don't worry as much about looks, but that woman he is marrying (as far as I can read) is very intelligent, very beautiful and very accomplished. I don't find George that gorgeous- his new teeth have creeped me out and his botox gives him a rather hang dog expression. And I don't find him all that brilliant. He might speak well but he isn't a font of knowledge.  I'll bet she can outthink him. It always cracks me up when a man says "I love how smart she is". Well, that's all and well if the guy is equally smart. But when a woman is really smarter, it becomes some sort of competition and doesn't end well. Good luck, woman with the hard to pronounce name. You are gonna need it. You won't need to wash George's undies or buy his TP or pick up his socks, but you are going to have to start pretending that he is as smart as you are. So again, go get some luck.

Alex took my stitches out where the doctor did my skin biopsy. He was very careful and had never done it before. I think nothing of doing those tasks but they don't teach how to do stitch removal in CS class. These were some teensy little blue stitches. And he did a great job. He did not pinch me. In fact, he is better than the doc's assistant.

We went to see The Skeleton Twins, which will be reviewed on
And tomorrow, we'll have dinner with Brian and Liz if Liz gets the message on time.

Congrats to the Mariners- they have another day to go. Today was a beautiful day again. It was fun to drive back from Olympia in such good weather.

We drove into Seattle for the movie and dinner and this is what it looked like around 6:30 today.
Nice, huh?

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