Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 9 Day 40

I'm posting this in the morning from last night- I was just too tired when I got home.
Day 40 was great!  I had a lot of stuff to do- involving mailing a package to my darling cousin, Kirby, who is far away in Texas but is having an exciting time because first semester of freshmen year is SO much fun.  But she still might need some more cheese bunnies to ease the transition.  My husband's family is my family, you know?

Then I drove out to Issaquah to pick up some stuff I needed. So I was using  up plenty of time on that venture. Issaquah (pronounced Isss-ahh- qwah), round trip, is about 30 minutes from my house. Why do I dread the trip? Because there is NO WAY to get there other than either a lazy drive down Lake Sammamish for 8 miles, or a hair raising trip over the Sammamish plateau where there are several elementary, middle and high schools jamming it all up and 2 lanes of traffic in parts.  So, I always plan for it as if it was a road trip to a foreign country.

I had a DAR meeting that I arrived for at 4:45 to try to help set up. Everyone somehow beats me to it, though. I met a couple of great women who were our guest speakers from Alabama from the Kate Duncan Smith DAR school.  They were fantastic speakers and great for us to hear because the Cascade chapter supports Kate Duncan Smith. I am still learning the ropes in my chapter but I am so proud to be part of an organization that does so much to help veterans and DAR schools. I got to be the person who introduced the speakers, and I really felt like I knew them because I DID practice a few times. I think I need new glasses. I missed a couple of words on my intro, and since I don't embarrass easily, it didn't bother me. But my eyes DO bother me. Guess I'll make another appointment to the plethora of fall checkups I get! Still, last night was just a great program.

By the time I got home at 10 pm, I just didn't have any brain waves left, so here is the day 40 update!
Gotta go clean parts of the house, now. I see Halloween costume commercials on tv right now, so I'll post a picture of a past Halloween costume epic from a few years ago: (and I'll write more tonight because I will NOT miss a day!)

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