Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23 Day 54

India is feeling chipper today. Last night she slept next to my face, and every now and then, she put her paws on my nose. She is the best cat ever. Little Wylla Stout did well also- so that is great news.

I talked to my cousin, Rosemary, in Louisiana tonight. She fell about 4 weeks ago and didn't break anything, but bruised her tailbone and lower back and cut the back of her ear so badly they had to stitch it up. She is better now and very chatty, which I love. She is about 89 now (technically she is not exactly MY cousin, but close enough).  She is one of my last living relatives from my adoptive family. When I was little, I thought she was really my mother. That was totally wishful thinking on my part. She was so beautiful to me, and her husband was so handsome. I remember how wonderful I thought he was. I didn't see her much once I was in elementary school. I don't know why not. You'd think that Moreauville was a million miles from New Orleans.  When  my adoptive mother was alive and I still lived in Houston, it was so hard for me to get to New Orleans. I always felt my family deserved me first, and if they needed me, I stayed home. Now I realize that is just ridiculous. I could have gone to see my friends and even driven to Moreauville at least once a year easily. Ah well. I still love Rose and I wish she'd been my mother- I've never much made a secret of it.

I tell you, living in this day and age is exhausting. The narcissism and self-righteousness is unparalleled in human history. That used to be limited to a certain level of society- every one else was working too hard to feed their families to get too wrapped up in it. But now- jeez louise- what is WRONG with people? According to the latest bitchfest everyone is against: women, any race that isn't theirs, religion, clean air, clean water, and on and on and on. Every damn day it is something NEW for people to complain about. I still think that humans are not happy unless they are miserable. Evidently now, if you fail, someone else MADE YOU FAIL. They were racist or sexist or elitist or whatever the hell the flavor of the day is. You know what? NEVER EVER will we have an equal world. NEVER. And the more people whine, the worse the world will get. WHY? Because at a certain point, people who have worked very hard (with or without natural talent and vast intelligence or motivation) are REALLY going to not like other  covetous or vengeful people. And odds are, those people are going to be of a different sex, or different race, or different color, or different religion. And since that is easy to go after, humans will.  I always wonder if people think my ancestors came here on some crappy wooden boat that looks like a dinghy, vomiting and losing kids along the way, and were greeted here by smiling people with a welfare system. My family has been here for 400 years, and we are JUST NOW getting successful. My brother and I are the first ones to actually have something that someone else would want. So now, we must be racist assholes for being successful. Thanks.  I'm sick of it. I know so many underachievers- people who could have easily been successful but aren't. But I also know people who cannot overachieve because they aren't smart enough. They can try and try. They won't ever be like me- and I'm only as smart as grad school. The recent studies on preK education sadly show what the OLD studies on headstart did- that, yes, kids do enter kindergarten better able to learn. And they keep it up - but not forever. See- if I wanted to run a 4 minute mile, I could try and try and try and try and try and try. I know I could never do it because I am NOT ABLE. I can't. Period. Everyone hits a wall. Some people hit it in grad school, some people hit it in sixth grade. For some it is science, for some math, for some it is everything.  That's just the way it is. It isn't the fault of someone else- but it is because people are different. Especially in athletic ability and intelligence. I'm going to say it again-that's JUST the way it is. We are NOT all alike. We shouldn't all be paid the same. We shouldn't owe what we have to everyone who complains about us. We should be VERY happy some people are smarter than we are. I am so grateful for the smart people who have made my life what it is. I am grateful to live at the most advanced time in the history of mankind. Because it won't be here forever. I just wish the complainers would spend more time getting educated so they'd know what they are talking about. Then they should shut up and do more with THEIR lives rather than complaining about mine.

Bet you quit reading a paragraph ago! Sorry. Today I am REALLY glad I'm not on facebook.

Here's a little humor where people complain about gifts!

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