Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10 Day 41

Ahhhh, today was a little more relaxed. We have a new Xbox One- to go with the other one, I guess. See, it's like this- Destiny really needs the Xbox One. Unfortunately for all of us, the one we have is downstairs where I am all day long. Now, I'm not too curmudgeonly about video games- after all, this game in particular will feed Ryan for a long time. My brother taught me about product loyalty, which I have no problem with because I like Budweiser. We are a Microsoft household- including cell phones and video games- because Microsoft feeds us and most of our friends. No problem. But when I might be forced to watch Dance Moms or Real Housewives of Orange County or ANTM or Dateline upstairs because the downstairs tv is all full of monsters and aliens, wellllll, that goes too far.
We have 2 other Xbox 360s. Mine is the Star Wars version, and the other is ancient. Either way, no Bueno for the Destiny game.   So, today, Alex went to the Microsoft store and got another Xbox One.
The weirdest thing about the Xbox One is that it comes with a Kinect (we now have 4 kinects) and when I walk past it, a little pop up comes up with my avatar and the message "Hello Lynn". Which creeps me out no end. It is really a little too much for me, though I am getting used to it.
It also is interesting to know that I have NEVER EVER ONCE turned on an Xbox and made it play a game. NOT once. And you can back that up allllll the way to the Atari and Intellivision. I think I did play the Intellivision a few times. I failed miserably at Burger Time, which my then 4 year old thought was hilarious and showed my incompetence.

I got the cats a new thing to rest their bones upon. They've been on two cat cushions that were next to each other and invariably one cat (Zoubi) would claim ownership of it all and then push the cushions around. So I had a light bulb appear over my head, and I was at amazon in two seconds ordering a regular bench cushion. India is THRILLED. No one can play the domination game with her anymore- at least not on the cushion.

Here is a picture of the cats watching Destiny:

My car finally hit 5,000 miles. I've had it for 2 years. I guess I'm not responsible for all that global warming now, am I?

Today's video/song is about being warm. We are about to zoom back into the 80 degree range for a bit. Speaking of things in the 80s, while you watch, I'm sure I can hear you thinking "Jeez louise, and I thought I was old". I felt like I was watching someone almost die in this video but I posted it anyway.

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