Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10 Day 71

I started my day with a carotid ultrasound- don't worry because it was a routine follow-up. I had one a year ago just to establish a baseline. Why? Well, my DNA mother died of her third or fourth heart attack during a bout of pneumonia and a trip to the ER. When the ER doc tried to put in a subclavian line, he punctured her lung. And her poor heart just died. Right there. So I never met her. If she had gone for open heart surgery when she was told to, maybe she'd have met me. But that was then, and this is now. Her sister, my Aunt Mary, had stopped up vessels, as did my uncle Lowell and and few more of the family members. My DNA father had a couple of heart attacks of his own. It just didn't look promising. So, because I want to stick around, or at least DO something to stick around even if it doesn't pan out, I went to a good cardiologist last year. I ran on a treadmill- and as crappy a shape as I am in, I easily finished it up with the heart rate and response of a 30 year old. (I only quit because they told me I could quit- I could have gone much longer). He heard a teensy murmur and a bruit over my carotid. So I dashed off for the ultrasound. I find that test so relaxing that I almost fall asleep- but I fight to stay awake because actually I would be embarrassed if I fell asleep! Turns out the carotid test has rather bizarre parameters. Turns out it can say 10%-50% but nowhere in between. And that is where I fell into it. Could have been 11%, could have been 49%. So I was pushed into getting on a really low dose of Lipitor, and the doctor said we could look at it in a year to see if the Lipitor could scrub away whatever smushy mess was in there. I thought it looked great when I got to turn my head to the right and could see the monitor. Who knows? Nothing looked narrowed to me. I'll find out next week.

I got some new yard ornaments to cheer up the yard this winter.
See the little blue birds? I love them. They have, however, confused the heck out of the hummingbirds. I can't decide. I'd think a hummingbird would be able to figure out they aren't real.

Yesterday, a sweet little black cat came to the back door. She'd been here about a week ago. Now she is infinitely more scrawny- I think she is lost. I gave her half a can of the food that my cats won't deign to eat. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't eat green pea and duck either. She dashed off after some head scratches were given. I washed my hands thoroughly to avoid giving my indoor girls something she might carry.  The alert is out throughout the neighborhood- anyone missing a sweet black cat. October is a scary month for cats but for black cats in particular. We are one of the few houses in the neighborhood with a true front porch.(last spring is shown below)

All sorts of little animals find their way there. So, tonight (and most of next week) it will rain and rain and rain. Hopefully, if she is homeless, she will curl up on the bench and try to stay warm.  If she stays, I will have to have a rescue group come get her. She is too pretty to live on the streets- especially where there are coyotes and bobcats and eagles.

My husband evidently played one of the best rounds he's had in years this evening. I have no idea what that really means in terms of his future. But he was excited enough to text it to me.

I have a lot of work to do next week for the scholarship committee I am on- so this weekend, I am going to be relaxed.

I need to dig out all of my Seahawks stuff since we will be at the game Sunday. I'm excited about that- it might not rain and the temperature will be a balmy 59. That is GREAT news. I've been in that stadium soaking wet and 48 degrees, and I've been there with a lap full of SNOW wondering how we'd get home.  So, I'll really enjoy it with just a heavy shirt and a Sherman jersey.

The is on hiatus while Laurie goes on a vacation. I think I'm having withdrawal.
Speaking of that- need a great gift for a little kid who likes cats? Here is Laurie's book, and Zuzu's litter starts around 38 seconds and goes for about 10 seconds.

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