Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 1 Day 62

What a fun day! Instead of cleaning house and running the Roomba over cat toys, I did a little minimal cleaning and then got ready to meet Lanabeth for lunch. Seems she is over my way every now and then, and has some time to kill. Normally she kills that time with productivity. But today she killed that time with ME! (probably the opposite of productivity)
We ate lunch at Sahalee, and got to chat like girls do. I don't get to do that much, and I really miss it. We have a lot in common so that makes it really easy. I will look forward to doing that again.

I am a little (okay, a lot) miffed today  about the guy with Ebola blaming the NURSE in the emergency department for not testing him for Ebola. He says "I told the nurse, she didn't tell the doctor that I had come from Africa". REALLY?? Since I will be a registered nurse until December, at which point I will resign since I don't use my license anymore, I can assure you that it is the job of the physician to TAKE the patient's history. The nurse can gather information, but she is not the primary source of the patient's medical history. It isn't her/his JOB to make decisions about a patient's history. In fact, doctor's fight that sort of autonomy all the time unless it is CONVENIENT for them to have the nurse do their more demeaning tasks. The most important initial assessment of the patient revolves around their history.  If the patient thought that information was important- in fact if he had come from an area where he'd interacted with people with EBOLA- the patient should have said "Hey, I just had interactions with Ebola patients- please test me for that". Sorry, but that guy was wrong to blame the nurse. If he thought the doctor needed to know something about his travels, he should have told her/him When he found out he wasn't tested for Ebola, then he should have complained IMMEDIATELY by opening his mouth and saying "Hey, you need to test me for Ebola". If he thought he HAD Ebola, he should have not exposed so many people.  In fact, according to news stories, he merely said he had been in Africa. Like most people who blame everyone for their problems, he picked the nurse. In fact, it is likely that the person he talked to may not have even been a registered nurse. It is such a ridiculous way of looking at a news story.

In other news, about 10 kids have gotten paralyzed from a virus in the USA. That is way more people than have Ebola. If I were a parent of a small child, that would be freaking me out. Not Ebola.

Well, I have to run. It is late.
Update - sorry the video came down- the user closed his account!

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