Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6 Day 67

Well, today started with me COMPLETING the main task of this facebook thing-to get all those videos finished. This morning I rose and shined (sort of) and downloaded all the forms from the dvd to video place and dashed off to the mail place where everybody knows my name. Seriously, they do. It is always "Hi Lynn". I'm a very loyal customer since I get everything in my life ONLINE, and once in a while I must return something. Plus I mail stuff to Hollis a fair amount. They know me.  I was a little guilty since they have a service to do the same video transfers at my mail spot. But I got over it.  That means that SOON these videos will return to me all finished. I'll have everything on 2 small external hard drives that I hopefully will never lose.  The ones that went off today weren't family- they were all the shows I had on video that I'd done in Houston. I promised the folks in Houston that I would upload them to the shared cloud and they could see them if they wanted to.

Right now we are watching the Seahawks. Seems that we are good at getting penalties. The score should be about 48 to 7 but it isn't. We just made a tricky play. I love those middle school plays we do. They are hilarious and they almost always work.   Ryan is here. I made a great shrimp and sausage gumbo and a really crappy apple pie. I normally have no trouble making a pie but today there was a problem with the crust. So the apples had to sit in their own sugary sauce for about TWO hours. It sort of turned the apples into noodley things. Once put into the better crust, they baked to the consistency of applesauce. It was weird and unusually unattractive for a pie. But we all ate it anyway. The ice cream covered it up a little. I post a picture of the gumbo, but not the pie.

Hollis is running down the rabbit hole of patriot searching. She found one on the McNeese side who was 16 during the revolution and swears he was taken prisoner on a British ship, but his wife was denied his pension. Hmmmmm. Yet, he is in the DAR records as acceptable. I'll have to find out WHY that is so. I think we have about 5 patriots that we can easily find.. It just takes work.

India fell off the kitchen counter because she didn't know that there will be a lot of food up there. She just wanted to visit with Ryan, I think.  It sort of scared her and she jumped backwards off of the counter, totally forgetting the 3 foot drop. We've given her a lot of hugs and talking to. She'll survive, poor girl. She is a fraidy cat for sure. We love her so very much and we wish we could make her a little braver. Zoubi RAN over to her. These two are so bonded that if one makes the slightest funny noise, the other comes over to sniff and make sure all is okay.

There is a lot of noise in this house when a touchdown happens. The Seahawks are such a fantastic team. I never thought I could be a big fan, but it didn't take long.

Here I am in my Seahawk get up:

Alex went to a pre-season game but I haven't been yet at all. Maybe next weekend. But the weather forecast is for cold and heavy rain at game time. Not my favorite way to watch a game.

I have got to go do a little homework for tomorrow. I have to introduce someone who is really well known in the DAR, so I cannot mess the introduction up!!! It's a long one.

Russell Wilson has no fear. It's a good thing.

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