Monday, October 27, 2014

October 26 Day 87

I composed this but couldn't post it because our power went out on Saturday at 6 pm. And stayed out. We knew a storm was coming tonight so what did we do?- we drove on the 520 bridge into Seattle to eat steak and go to ACT theater to see a play. Oh yeah, we did.

While we sat in the theater laughing, evidently our neighborhood over on the other side of the 520 bridge was being pummeled.  Power lines down, trees down, branches flying, trash cans removed, and in our yard, a beach ball appeared. A really pretty beach ball. It may belong to our catsitter, Sophia, who lives behind us. They are the only ones with a pool. And they have obviously never lived where hurricanes have ever hit or they'd know to pick up the yard stuff before it puts out a window.  On the way home from the play we were like a comedy skit in a car. We KNEW the odds were that our house was dark as a night in the 1500s, and that we'd have nothing to do but search for lanterns and candles and wonder why we don't have a generator. (That is going to finally be fixed in the next couple of weeks no matter the cost- we have sat through frozen holidays, snow bound with no electricity and that REALLY sucks).  Being at that play evidently saved us about 4 hours of misery - our neighbors had a head start.  So on the way home we cheered when we saw lights, then booed when we didn't. Our hopes were very high when we saw that Redmond (on our left) looked very well lit. And the lights were working all the way until the very last light at our street off of highway 202. It was out. Not flashing, just off. And that was it. Until today (Sunday) at about 4 p m. The cheering was, however, relatively brief since the internet and cable were all out. (Until Monday morning).

So, Sunday, October 26 was the Seahawks game. But with no cable, no electricity at our house, and Ryan doesn't HAVE a television, we decided to get up, try to get presentable with no hot water to be found in our home, and run to the IPic theater that has a big bar area with lots of TV's. What a great idea!  Ryan met us there.
It totally worked out- and most of the women looked bedraggled, too. The waitress told us that last week she had TWO customers, and this week this poor woman had 45 customers all by herself.
We overtipped her a lot. She smiled through all of it. I love nice customer service. She should get a big bonus from her boss.

The extra good news is that I am writing this because I CAN right now and the power came back on. I am posting it the morning of the 27th because we didn't have internet connectivity until this morning. So here ya go!

Now if any of you have a great generator that you love, and you KNOW me, send me an email so I never have to cook 4 pounds of thawed shrimp for breakfast  again.

Oh- I ALMOST forgot- the funniest line of the idiot sports commentator:

"Luke Willson, no relation to Russell, ..."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry- that was the stupidest remark ever. Not that white people can't be related to a black person, but combine THAT with the fact that their names aren't even spelled the same. Honestly. Tell me if YOU think those two are related.

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