Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19 Day 80

Awww, Seahawks....what a mess. Yet again, you should have won but the bad call in the last 2 minutes was AWFUL- you should have won. For sure. That was YOUR recovery not theirs- it was clear as day. Sigh. And I had my best Hello Kitty Seahawks tee shirt on, too.

Ryan was here all day. The game started at 10 am for us, so we had brunch, then lunch then dinner. We watched a really interesting documentary on demand- "Terms and Conditions May Apply" which basically informs you that you have given up ALL your rights every time you TOUCH that keyboard. So back away. Slowly.  You have NO privacy on your cell phone either. You have signed it all away. Because you are protected from the government ONLY if the government is monitoring you directly. If they get the info from a third party, bar the door. Be careful. On twitter, etc.  They also mentioned that instagram owns your pictures and can sell them. Don't know if that is still true, but they might do it and THEN wait for you to sue. I really am not an alarmist- I don't see the march of doom that every newspaper headline throws out. In fact, I don't even BELIEVE them because they contain such words as "might" or "could". But this privacy stuff is too much. And the wholesale theft of images means your picture (or your cats) could be on the side of a bus in Taiwan.  What have we done?

Gawd that was SO depressing. We have really wired ourselves into a corner. IN perpetuity.  The government doesn't really give a rat's patootie what I do but they could misinterpret a few things I've said over the years.  

Sunday is, of course, a day of rest. So I am going to rest now. I have to go watch the hilariously miscast Steve Buscemi finish out the final episodes of Boardwalk Empire.

See you tomorrow!

Can't sleep? Watch this Frontline:

You're welcome!

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