Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22 Day 83

Oh where to begin!

Let's start with Canada. I live near Canada. People are always surprised that Seattle is a)not on the Pacific Ocean and b) two hours to the  Canadian border if you drive the speed limit.  We are on Puget Sound. Not the ocean. It's ocean water, however.  And no matter how fast you drive, the wait at the border can be anywhere from a half hour to 3 or 4 hours. No way around it legally except by having some special driver's license, and everyone of age in the car must also have one.  The first time we went to Canada, Alex still had a Texas license plate. That meant a complete search of the car. As in, would you step out of your car, please.  That started out my feelings about Canada. You'd think they would worry more about their drug addicts laying around in the streets in Vancouver.  I digress.

One thing Canada has given us our fair share of is their smartest people. If you talk to a Canadian (at least up here, and the ones I've been around), they love Canada. Everything is better in Canada. So I always ask "Why did you move HERE? It isn't your country- it isn't like you are moving from Toronto to Alberta. You LEFT your country." (Some became citizens also).  The answer is always the same- "jobs".  Then they proceed to tell you that the USA has bad health care (Canada's is worse, trust me), evil guns (guess one of those evil guns was handy for the sergeant at arms in Toronto today), and racism (this from a country that until VERY recently required a cash down payment to even apply for citizenship- oh wait, still do!).  I'm sorry, but I don't care if they leave and go "home"- even the ones I like. Ironically, they became citizens and voted in what I'd call the "far left of Liberal" in their attempts to turn the USA (or Seattle) into a socialist state. These people, Canadians, have never shed a drop of blood for this country- not even the teensiest pin prick from sewing a button on an army uniform. Nope. They bitch and moan and point fingers and hate Republicans or even moderates, and don't get why we have a two party system, etc.  Today the evil gun toting terror people (that they thought the USA and evil George Bush went after needlessly) arrived at their front door. Walked into their country's government HQ and tried very much to kill them all.   It is a very complicated world,  very, very complicated. But Canadians (the ones I know) are simple thinkers. They are good and we are bad. Except for the people who think just like them.  I don't know how you can think of the world in such simplistic terms. But then again, the Canadians don't know any more about us than we do about them.

Today I did some housekeeping stuff but I couldn't clean out more stuff because the trash cans are FULL (our pickup is once a week) and most of what I am doing involves having at least half a can available. And I had to get a knife and cut up a lot of big boxes and put those in a construction size black trash bag because they wouldn't fit into the recycle bin.

 This afternoon, since it is all rainy, I decided to make some oatmeal cookies. But alas, no oatmeal. So I got on the net and got about 20 recipes for making oatmeal cookies with Quaker instant oatmeal. I got the best one (I thought) and then I made cookies. Sort of. I don't think they are cookies at all. They melted into a single mess and cooked from there. And when I went to cut them they sort of exploded into cookie dust.

Delicious looking- almost.  I miss real oatmeal cookies- the store kind are too sweet. I might save all this crumbled up mess and eat it like granola. I'll eat a lot of food failures. I'm not proud.

India was mad at me last night for giving her some chicken wet cat food. I am trying to get her to switch from salmon because her dermatitis isn't clearing up like it should. Now I'll quit trying.  She wouldn't eat it, and she wouldn't eat the salmon that was on the plate with it. Poor girl. I love her so much, and I just don't have the heart to withhold her food she loves. I'll just keep rubbing medicine into her skin spots.

We had about 8 pieces of cold fried chicken in the frig and this morning, they were gone. I wouldn't eat them because I don't eat 3 day old fried chicken but I'm guessing someone in the household does. Hmmm. I'm glad because our refrigerator has been packed with nothing to eat.

Thanks, Rainell, for reading my blog! It is like therapy for me. Weird therapy.
 read a little about how OTHER countries do it.

And here is their beautiful anthem that I love to sing along with on Canada day at the Seahawks game: (be aware it is very hymnal sounding but great- the only thing they did better than us)

and the history of it is pretty interesting, too.

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