Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11 Day 72

This might be my earliest in the day post- it is 1:30 pm and it is POURING rain outside. Seattle has a way of having what feels like heavy rain. Not the big huge fat drops of a thunderstorm in Houston, but tons of smaller raindrops that feel like little pellets hitting you. Usually they are accompanied with umbrella killing wind. I doubt there is ice in these, but odder things have happened up here. I've had sleet in the yard in July.

It has been so long since we truly had a day of intermittent rain. We've had some grey afternoons and some showers, but today has looked like a "rain any second" sky. I'm going to have to look up where the tiny hummingbirds hide in this. They are muscular little birds, but they are so small that it would seem they could be seriously injured. I saw an article on how hummingbirds can be killed by being trapped in spider webs. That creeps me out. A lot. I sort of love our feisty little birds and their attachment to my salvia hot lips. The rain is about to take off the last of the salvia blooms. I don't know if I should trim them and see if they rebloom, or let the little birds go on their way to a better garden.

Alex is out on the golf course- wet, I assume. 

We had our trees "windsailed"  last spring. First off, they AREN'T our trees. They belong to the HOA. We have no real trees that are large on our property. But we ponied up the money for it because a couple of years ago,  one of the thinner trees snapped in half and threw a 15 foot spear at us that missed the side of the house by inches. Had it gone to the right, it would have come through the bedroom window. We have huge windstorms here. The wind goes up to 70 mph or so. There are still some huge trees we couldn't reach, so hopefully we will survive it. I told the HOA to please do something but no one has responded. Government inefficiency starts small.

Zoubi and India are very snoozy today. I wonder how cats adjust to the weird hours of sunshine that happen up here.

I will send you to a website of such wonderful pictures that you will thank me forever.
His photos are stunning. He has his own real website, but I just love scrolling through his stuff.

Speaking of butterflies- he is a little ditty Faure wrote at the age of 16. Don't obsess over that- genius is so rare and it is okay not to be one! I know a great many Faure songs because I was obsessed with him when I was learning art songs. This was, in fact, my favorite.

The words are from a Victor Hugo poem- and here is the translation though the song would not ever be the same were it not in French:

 The poor flower kept saying to the airborne butterfly:
"Don't fly away!
Our destinies are different: I stay put,
you travel!

Yet we love one another, we live without human beings,
remote from them;
and we resemble one another - some say that both of us
are flowers.

"But alas! the breeze carries you off, while the earth ties me down
- what a cruel fate!
I would like my breath to perfume your flight
in the sky!

But no, you travel too far! Visiting countless flowers,
you fly away,
while I remain alone watching my shadow circle
at my feet.

"You go, then you come back, then you fly off again
to shine elsewhere.
So every morning you find me
bathed in tears!

Ah please, so that our love may glide along faithfully
(oh my king!),
take root like me - or else give me wings
like you!"

And, as I live and breathe- someone can actually PLAY THIS ON A GUITAR! Good grief. Which gives it a different and rather lovely folk songy feel. Though, to be fair, the singer seems to strangle a bit.

So enjoy, sing along and have a good weekend. Tomorrow is the Seahawks game. Oooooo.

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