Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12 Day 73

Today started out with a cat on my chest begging me to wake up- it was Zuzu. She only walks on hard surfaces, so she likes to walk up legs, balance on hip bones and stand on sternums.  India was on the rug lying on her back looking like India does. Relaxed. 

We left around 11:30 to go to the Seahawks game. It was just a travesty how the officiating went- really, I'm not normally touchy about that because I figure what goes around comes around if the refs are unobservant rather than unfair. But wow- we booed the refs 3 times. And it really changed the score. Of course, we played horribly. It was painful to watch. Every now and then the Seahawks seem to forget they are a championship team and they play like a pack of middle schoolers. It was really weird. Of course, we lost. But that happens and until we are sure we don't make the playoffs, I'll just go with the flow. Somehow this year, there are a lot of strong NFL teams. Dallas just killed us and we didn't really deserve to win anyway. The stats were crushing. Dallas looks fat though.

We found a little "fish and chips" place with a NOLA theme down on Rainier Ave. The guy who cooks there is SO friendly. Honestly, I wondered if he was from NOLA. But I didn't ask because the little place was so crowded with people.  They had crab poppers that tasted EXACTLY like Louisiana deviled crab. Yum.

I took some funny pictures at the game. I got them posted on another site and then deleted them from my mail because I am an idiot. Duh. So no pictures of the game here.

We made it through the game without one raindrop but it is coming. I promise you!

I have only 36 days left in my challenge. That sounds like a lot but I've all ready done 73. And except for a few times that I've needed to get an email address, I haven't missed it. But there are all sorts of ways to get an email address, so I haven't gone onto Facebook at all.   I do need to dump a bunch of people. Like 250 or so. I just don't want the politics anymore. Or the stupid memes. Or the little cartoon cherubs asking me to pray for something.

Last night we went to see Seascape-- an Edward Albee play of such inexplicable wordiness in act I and bizarreness (not inventiveness) in act II that I would totally urge you to skip it. Maybe the cast we saw (except for the 2 sea creatures) was so woefully miscast that it did the play a disservice. It was the final performance and yet people fluffed their lines. What is up with that??? The final show should be the best. It should be second nature. This isn't SHAKESPEARE for goodness sake. I came away from it feeling that it would have been a great short story- but really is a very bad play. I noticed that a lot of people have done this play and it sort of boggles my mind that they chose it. The lines in act I are pure monotony, and the lines in act II are worthy of a student play contest.  It was mercifully short.

To be fair, here is a review of a production done in Los Angeles where the reviewer enjoyed it about 98% more than I did:

Should you like to see if you'd like it, here is 5 minutes of it on youtube:

If you want to talk about things from under the sea this would be more fun to watch:

See you tomorrow!

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