Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18 Day 79

Say what?? Day 79??? whoa.

I spent some quality time today running around dragging a black cat leash behind me so that Zoubi and India could get rid of some of their energy. It is really cute. When I get bored (well, really bored because it starts out boring to begin with), I drop the leash and Zoubi will pick up one end of it and march around with India following HER. How cute is she? Very.

Alex played golf today (of course). He shot a 78 but that is fine by him.

We went to see FURY at the 4:15 IPic showing. It was pretty good. I am not going to call it great because it was so long. And only Gone With the Wind can pull that off. It's more a study of how war changes people- because it has to. NO one could fight in a war if they didn't change. And by change, I mean surrender their beliefs and morals in a lot of ways. It does a very good job of showing that.
I wouldn't go see it again, but I am glad I saw it once.

We went to Kirkland to eat at Volterra - which is a great little bistro place. The couple at the table behind us just DEFINED dysfunctional. I didn't want to overhear them, but the guy was so LOUD that I had to hear them. I wanted to just turn around and slap him for her. He was so rude to his wife. So holier than thou. I so hate people who use the phrase :but YOU:. I yadayadadad , but YOU blahblahblah. I didn't see him, but I saw her and she was tight lipped angry. I was thinking, leave him lady. So many people say stick with it, work it out- nope. Not when you are married to a :but YOU: guy. And in a restaurant, too. Don't wash your dirty laundry while an innocent party like me is trying so hard not to hear it. I can find interesting things anywhere I go.

Tomorrow is another Seahawks day. Hopefully Ryan will join us. Maybe having Harvin go will help the team look more cohesive. I can hope!

Here's a world war II song for you. I have a Vera Lynn CD that I play every now and then.

Sleep well.

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