Friday, October 17, 2014

October 16 Day 77

Today, I went back to the doctor (common theme here), and he said my carotid ultrasound was unchanged because it was still in the 17%-49% range. Well, that's not much accuracy, so I told him that it was possible it had fallen from 48% to 18% and we'd never know it. He thought it was kind of funny. Then he said my LDL had gone from 120 (last Sept) to 60 (last December) to 30 (last month). Which makes me a hyper responder to Lipitor. So, still thinking I'm pretty hilarious, I say- well then, next time it will be 15 and then it will be 7.5 and then it will be close to zero! He was confused by that logic, and I just explained that's what being married to a math major makes you see. He said no one ever has a heart attack or stroke if they have LDLs of 30. (he says) So I'll take that as gospel and let it go.

Enough about me- now on to the vacuum cleaner. I've grown to dislike (hate) my Oreck. It is the second one I have. The first was given to my ex in a moment of pique- as in 'okay, you can have this stupid vacuum cleaner', me knowing full well how much I hated it. But I figured that years later, maybe the vacuum had improved. So I've been punished with another one for 5 years now. I just said to myself- get the best vacuum with the highest ratings because YOU DESERVE IT. Other women buy jewelry, take trips, or drink their money away, but I vacuum mine. SO, I bought the most beautiful vacuum with the highest hepa rating money could get- a Miele S7000 series. It is white, shiny and so much quieter than any vacuum I've owned. It makes noise, but the decibel level is lower. The cats didn't even run. Compared to the other vacuum, it is huge and heavier than I can almost lift. But it has an amazing ability to pick up stuff without getting stuck on rug edges, etc. That is today's news.

Here is the other good news- it is time to order a turducken, which means that thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is not far away! Yay!

Here is a picture of my vacuum cleaner:

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