Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25 Day 86

More shooter stuff- the Seattle news can't stop.  I just cannot understand why they keep acting like this was a random act of violence. It wasn't. If this kid hadn't gone to school that day, he would have shot those specific kids at some other point. He specifically wanted to kill THEM. He murdered them with deliberation. Enough.

It is a very dreary day here. When you live in a place that can drag out gray skies and rain for months on end, you have to find SOMETHING to do that is cheerful or at least mood raising. When I find it, I'll let you know. For me, a trip OUT of here is cheerful and mood raising.

We went to IPic to see St Vincent last night. .  I'm a little surprised that I liked it so much- the story was SO utterly predictable. In fact, surely there is someone out there who can sue the writer for stealing their story. Murray does a good job. He is out classed by the kid, however. I don't know Bill Murray. But he doesn't seem like a softie. So this role suits him.

I'm watching Texas Tech play football. Only because I think I might see our cousin, Kirby, who is a freshman there. I doubt that I'll see her because on tv, well, how impossible is that? But it would be fun to see her.

We saw a 30 for 30 on Gerald McCoy. I like the human interest stories in sports. Turns out that he just signed for 100 million, 50 of which is guaranteed. I hope he has some great financial advisors. Can you imagine having a kid who makes 100 million on his first job? I don't get all the liberal complaints about the "rich". Why not go after athletes and movie stars? Why go after people who worked their asses off in school and took real risks with their jobs? And why do people think comparing athletic gifts with mental gifts don't equate? Some people are born athletes and some people are born geniuses or with a gift for creating business. But the athletes and entertainers aren't brought up as objects of jealousy and hate.  And we all let people get away with that nonsense.

I see Honey Boo Boo's mother, June, is dating the child molester who assaulted her first born. He's finally out of prison and she is back in his arms. I never saw THAT coming. In general, nothing brings out the ugly like a fat, white woman with a Southern accent and 4 kids by 4 different fathers. Despite the fact that Mama June took care of her brood and kept them together, and you never saw them scattered, the general opinion of her is that she is "white trash" and "hillbilly" - words used by the tolerant liberals and racists who think that is okay. Well, I'm all for name calling. It is what humans do. But don't be some pious POS that talks about bullies and racists and then go around saying  things like white trash and hillbilly. Racism and class wars go both ways.  But that child molester thing is really bad. And her oldest child, Anna, the only skinny one,  says SHE was the victim (causing her to live with her grandmother most of her life) and her mother has hurt her very badly by going back with that guy. Anna is the only child in that bunch who seems to have a shred of hope for getting out of the "ketchup and butter spaghetti" for dinner route. I hope she takes the money in her trust and gets out.  If you've never seen that show, this will make NO sense to you at all.

Okeedokee- tonight we go see a play and have dinner in Seattle. In the rain.  I hope it is a good play. It is time to get out of the house!

Here's Madness doing Grey Day: (don't say you don't learn things on this blog!)

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