Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30 Day 91

Today I made some real oatmeal cookies. They came out perfectly. It was worth the time and effort and the trip to the grocery store to avoid the cookie catastrophe of Day 83.  I have finished doing as much work as I planned to do during this facebook sabbatical. I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving. I love it. It is so much fun to have everybody here under one roof even if it is only for 3 days. We will go see the Hunger Games and make it to the Herbfarm again. Hollis and Steve will be here a full day less than they usually are but they are very busy this year. Lots of stuff happening for them.

I did do a little exercise today. I spent more time looking for the remote than I did on the exercise bike, but that's okay. It's something.

Alex says he might be late this evening. I hope his day goes by quickly if it is going to be long.

Seattle has a new trend in women FINALLY going after the casual touchers- you know those creepy guys who touch you but pretend they didn't. Erin and I had a guy who was teaching at the fly fishing school run by Orvis in Couer d'Alene way back in 2001, and this old goat kept trying to feel us up. I mean no matter how we tried to stand away from him, he'd try to find a way to just touch us. We were actually laughing about it but I am sure that was just age on our part and his. He was probably 70 and we could easily have pushed him into the lake or the Spokane river. I guess, in retrospect, I should have told him I'd slap his face off if he touched me again. When I was in my 20s, I would have killed him. I'm serious. I would have punched his face until I broke my hand. (blame my father's genes). Not many things make me want to hit someone, but invading my body space WILL get you a reaction.  When I was in college, I was kneeling on a couch writing on a black board that was behind the couch and a guy (I knew him but I never went out with him) bit me (not hard) on my rear. He was drunk but I wasn't. And I had momentum on my side. I punched him in the face with the back of my fist so hard that he fell back through a screen door and off of a porch. I got down and walked over to him and said "touch me again, asshole, and I will hit you even harder". His fraternity brothers were laughing. And though this guy never liked me before that, after the "incident" in question, he asked me OUT. What is up with that? I am sure that if I punch a guy, I am not going out with him.  Anyway, women were being groped out and around in Seattle and now, with cell phone cameras, they took pictures of these creeps because the POLICE were doing nothing. NOTHING. So the women took to social media and soon other women said "yep, that is the same guy that felt me up when I walked past him". Turns out one of them was a class 3 sex offender. What a surprise. So congratulations to the women who DO something when someone assaults them.

I've had a few friends start to ask when is this self-imposed exile from facebook going to be over. technically, in 8 more days. But I think I'll wait until after next weekend. 

The kitties are really missing the sunshine. Poor girls. They sit up in the front window upstairs and watch for birds- but the birds are not nearly as active as they were. Maybe the bats will stick around.

Today Laurie posted some pictures from the memorial for the shop cat in Tacoma that died last week. I always take pictures of the shop cats I meet. I think the most beautiful one I've ever seen was the one at the Pratt and Larson tile store in Bellevue. How the cat survived living on such a busy street and in an area of tile shards and dust, I don't know. But it really had the most beautiful turquoise eyes. I don't think I have the picture of it that I took because I think it went away when Textamerica folded and took my pictures with it. He's probably long gone by now.
  Here is a link to the story:

Well, time to go figure out dinner.
See ya!

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