Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9 Day 70

Today was my second and final watercolor class. I know it is hard to believe, but I was still godawful at it. I think my teacher is teaching backwards. I couldn't fool with some of the stuff because it was loaded with latex. So I have to go online and find a nonlatex type of whatever it is.
Here is my crapterpiece in which I pretended to be a small person in the grass looking up at the sky:
Such brilliance. It is at times like this that I remind myself that there was a time when I could play every Beethoven Sonata. Every last one. Every note. Don't care how long ago.

Last night I was taking a bath and American Horror Story: Freakshow was on. I watched Jessica Lange (an actress I find detestable when she is just being herself, but she is a great actress) sing this David Bowie blast from the past- a song that I REALLY loved:

I saw David Bowie on Broadway in The Elephant Man. Before that, he was just some weird guy with lots of makeup on looking like a Mardi Gras poster. But then, when I saw him on Broadway, I couldn't stop raving about him. I just couldn't believe how talented he really was. Not in a gimmicky way- because I just hate gimmicks in performers. Explaining why I can't stand Madonna. Anyhoo, I have had the most respect for him since then.

Joe Biden is in town. So much for that.

What is all this crap about income inequality-now it is everywhere? People are acting surprised that some people are making lots of money is NEW. Idiots. It wasn't that long ago that being poor really meant being dirt, starving to death, poor. Poor people relied on churches and soup kitchens and food banks totally. When I went to Egypt, I saw poor people. People with NOTHING. They brought their sick and dying to the bank of the Nile. They lived in tombs or on top of graves. They had no roof on their house. They begged. There are some really stupid people here who don't get it- LOTS of people are comfortable and do well- all over the world. Go watch House Hunters International- it is hard to find a place to live near cities of all sizes in Europe because of the cost- they are THAT full of people who do well. When do you define someone's income as "too much"? I have to say again, the people I know who majored in something that PAYS, are doing well. The self-indulgent who claimed an avocation as their education are not doing as well. You are paid for your rarity, ability and value to a business. And that is actually FAIR. Do something that is in demand and do it very well. Go back to school. And if you complain about others salaries, then go learn to do what THEY do and do it for 80 hours a week. If you aren't interested in money, go do it anyway and GIVE your money away. Or shut up. Those rich people DO pay taxes and lots of it. I have no patience with that nonsense. Income equality. Bullshit. And to hide it behind the phrase "white privilege"- that is stupid, too.

Sigh. I'll stop.

I have to go finish the laundry but I thought I'd put this all together before I got into that. 

Here is my guy, David Bowie, doing my favorite song to sing in Rock Band:

Special David fact: Bowie does not have two different eye colors as was rumored. He has a pupil that stays dilated due to a childhood injury. Well, it was a fight over a girl. Figures.
Second Special David Fact: He is older than I am.
Third Special David Fact: He no longer has British teeth through the miracle of modern dentistry.
Fourth Special David Fact: His son, Zowie Bowie, is now called Duncan Jones. Tell that to your friends who give their kids stupid names.

(and he owns an entire island)
Just to see if you read this far- here is India listening to Bowie sing On Mars:

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