Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4 Day 65

I opened up my computer this morning to the great news that the Nokia Lumia 1020 can be gotten for $49 at the Microsoft store or online with your ATT contract. I'm sort of stuck with ATT, I think. My nokia lumia is the best phone in the world. NO kidding. I hated my iPhone- too cluttered, ridiculous apps no one needs, and no personalization, expensive as hell and a really lousy record of contaminating the planet.  But the lumia also has a professional photographer grade camera and editing abilities.  I have taken some of the most beautiful pictures- then cropped and enlarged them into amazing  photos. The color is perfect, too. The learning curve is small. I just would urge you to go look at the phone on a youtube video and see what it does.  I have a yellow one and wish they made it in purple, but there are now all kinds of skins for it. I might get a white one.

The other news is that I just ordered a relatively cheap exercise bike from amazon. We'll see how my back likes it. I do a lot of different things all day to help my back. I sit on exercise balls, jump gently on a rebounder, stretch it, etc. But I think I need a little more calorie burning. (cough). I read all the reviews (especially regarding the seat comfort) and then I watched the video. IT HAS A TV REMOTE HOLDER!!!! That made me click on SOLD to the lady in the green shirt. I actually had a great experience on an exercise bike back in the 80s. I lost about 28 pounds with it. I went from a size 10 to a 4. Of course, I quit riding after that. And here I am. I will have to rearrange the furniture in the Lynn Room upstairs. The cat tree up there lures the kitties up when I exercise. So maybe that will work.

No bear today. At least not where I could see him. The trash can was brought in by Alex before he left to play golf.  Since he emailed me from the course, I'm assuming the bear did not come into his world either. It would be kind of funny if the bear had gone up behind us to Sahalee and went to the golf course. Or snack shop- which is what bears are looking for anywhere this time of year.

I've jumped on the watercolor bandwagon. What's funny about THAT is I think I can solve my lack of talent by buying a plethora of supplies. I will be the worst painter with the most supplies ever created. The painting class is free. I think I'm up to about $250 in supplies for the home painting experience.

See, if all this works out, I'll be a famous bicycle riding watercolor painter! It'll be a while before I get the purple spandex attire. If those don't work out, I'll go back to trying to sew.  I usually have a whole lot of quit in me. First sign of it going south and I'm out of there. But I have to have SOME sort of skill after all these years of living.  Oh- I can definitely tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. Many people have witnessed this skill and have proposed all sorts of unfortunate explanations for my skill. Rude, no?

I don't know what else will happen today. Ryan was going to come over but his deck is being redone by his HOA and even though they are quick, they are taking up most of the day. India never got up this morning so she is sleeping upstairs. Only little Zoubisou is here watching the tiny hummingbirds trying to get their last meals of the year.

So, I'm going to go finish watching my dvr Dateline from last night.

Go see Gone Girl. It's just like the book. Here's a nice little version of Gone Gone Gone by someone who could be my cousin (Jake Coco) but I don't know.

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