Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23 Day 84

It's funny how small things can seem like minor victories.
I ordered a set of new dishes from Bauer pottery in California. They are a beautiful shade of white (and yes, just like cars, the shade of white matters).  I worried a little about them getting here in one piece. I once ordered 8 shallow pasta bowls in Cornishware sage- they are very, very, very hard to find. They were only made in sage for a short time. When they arrived (from a dealer in England), the box was crushed and only ONE survived. There was NO packing in the box at all. They refunded my money, and the surviving dish is very sad indeed. So I now have plate anxiety to go with my parking anxiety. Never mind that my small set of  Burleigh blue and white plates came just fine a couple of years ago. I still worried about my new plates getting here safely.
One of the Burleigh plates in Asiatic Pheasant.
So today, a 55 pound box of dishes arrived, and I dragged it in and took a deep breath and opened it. And voila! No broken plates. Turns out the people at Bauer have A LOT more experience and love for their product than the people who packed threw in 8 Cornishware pasta bowls into a box for a transatlantic venture. The ones that would have matched the 8 plates I have and love:
I think I might set the world record for owning (not selling) sage Cornishware because as far as I can tell, no one else has it. You are looking at it. Like seeing a cave painting or finding a dinosaur skeleton.

Anyhoo, back to the Bauer. I unpacked it, but was left with a vast amount of packing material from bubble wrap, to brown paper to peanuts. And today was our every two week recycling day- and as I've said before, that can was FULL. It was raining and dark, and my can is already about 130 feet away at the street. But I remind you about small victories. I had some contractor size black heavy duty trash bags, and I got a knife and went to work. (Good thing no one was watching or they might have called the police).  I got EVERY last box and packing paper remnant into the recycle can exactly 10 minutes before the WM truck came. That means that when I went back inside, all my dishes were unpacked and ALL THE MESS was gone! If that doesn't excite you (or the principle of it at least) then I doubt we could be friends. Because it is so easy to WANT to be neat and very hard to actually BE neat. 

There they are. Ta Da!  I am all ready for Thanksgiving. I have nice plates that we've been using.
But I'm going all white this year.

Speaking of Bauer, I have bought things before- I have some pitchers and some cache pots in red (very lovely) and some garden balls. Large ones. Here is a glimpse of one from couple of years ago:

It's the shiny green object on the right. Here is another picture of it:
It finally got a chipped piece where it had crazed due to being out in the ice and snow for several winters. Either that or the leaf blower threw a rock into it. It happens. Sadly. But I have another one that is blue. 
So - enough of my consumerism. The people at Bauer are very nice. I fell in love with the plates on one of their postcards they sent out that had a table setting on the front. It looked so lovely that I decided to get some plates. I don't buy much-almost everything is utilitarian. I'm not a jewelry freak or collector of small objects. But some things I really love. And changing dishes every 6 or 7 years is a good thing for me.
I have to go to bed- India is chirping at me and begging me to get up and make the house quiet so she can get some shut eye to go with the other 12 hours of shut eye she's had today. Zoubi has already hit the hay because she LOVES to put Alex to bed. If he doesn't settle in and get himself to sleep, it really pisses her off. She nurses on his blanket over his knee and her ears are almost flat if he doesn't magically doze off . She's like an exhausted mother of a fussy baby. GO TO SLEEP DAMMIT.  It is funny unless you happen to be the one who has to wash the soggy spot out of the blanket.  I'd take a picture of THAT but, well, you know that might look weird and travel the internet at warp speed and get somebody fired.
Nightey night. 
No youtube- you are spared!

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