Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15 Day 76

Did you know there are arctic wooly bear caterpillars (they turn into moths)? Don't get stung by one. Good gawdallmighty- it is quite the experience. I know what I'm talking about there. I just saw it on pbs.

Let's talk about what everyone can't shut up about- Ebola. Here's the deal- if they are WRONG about how easily it is transmitted, we are screwed.  If they are right, there is still a chance we are screwed but, as usual,  some of are not as easily screwed as others. I'm a great house cleaner. My sole purpose in the house is to kill unseen microorganisms. I wash pillows, scrub garbage disposals and pour grime eating liquid down the drains. So I am not as worried unless my husband brings it home from the germy cesspool of engineering. 

But let's get real- it seems that people who have contact with Ebola patients, EVEN WEARING HAZMAT SUITS- have come down with it. What movie was it about plague coming and doing in a lot of people on the planet? Well, it was scary, and it scared me more than most people because it was the truth. Now maybe some of you will wipe off the grocery cart handles with the wipes and stop sneezing into your hands (gross). And for God's sake, wash your hands often.-

The Chinese say they have a cure. hahahahahahahahahaha. Medical gloves made in China notoriously tear, possibly explaining the transmission of Ebola to health care workers.  Oh hell, almost everything made in China is pure crap. In fact, they EXCEL at making crap.  Though I do find irony when I have china that is made in China. I don't think I'd trust the Chinese. In fact, the rest of you can take that Chinese drug, and I'll wait it out with red Lysol and an ultraviolet light.

So, where does that leave us? Hopefully, we'll quit admitting people from African countries with Ebola, and we'll all settle down to argue about social justice and income inequality..

It was very cool today- not in a hipster way, but in a temperature outside way. The hummingbirds are heading to warmer climes- I only saw one today.  But here is a picture of the end of the salvia:
Alex is watching Boardwalk Empire from last Sunday on the DVR (which will forever be pronounced Tivo by me).  I know they have to wrap up the series forever, but geez,  that was one harsh episode.

I got all the book cases downstairs cleaned and arranged a bit so it doesn't look so haphazard. Then I went upstairs and buried myself in my bathroom dresser. I cannot imagine why I have so much stuff. Bring on the apocalypse!

Okay- time to sign off.

Sleep well!

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