Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28 Day 89

Hey look, it has almost been 90 days. Who would think I could keep up with it that long? And now I sort of dread going back. I don't want to waste time like that. So maybe I could limit myself to 15 minutes a day? I have to think it out before I go back to facebook. They keep sending me emails telling me who has posted on my page and how many updates I've missed, etc. It is kind of scary. I mean, they have a program that tells them that I am not there. As the people at the FBI and CIA and NSA say- facebook is an unbelievable gift. Twitter, too. People tell them where they are all day long- they take pictures and announce their plans. Think about it. It is really scary.

I'm trying to clear off just ONE shelf in the armoire STILL. I get really distracted and decide to read a score again or play a piece I had totally forgotten. Then I put it back on the shelf. Dammit.

Last night at midnight eastern time my credit card was stolen. Oh yeah. Some douchebag in Mexico somehow got my name, address, phone number, and credit card number and charged 66 cents at some hardware store.Messing up my etsy transactions.  Except that this particular crime ring obviously didn't make a great replica of my metal card or its strip. If you get rejected for a 66 cent charge (probably one to challenge the system to see if it works), then you've made a pretty crappy card. That sort of thing just SCREAMS stolen card. The credit card company picked it up right away and notified me within 10 minutes of it. Nice. Unfortunately, now I get a new card tomorrow or the next day and I have to go to EVERY single account that I use it for. That will take at least an hour for me to go over all of that and make sure it is right. I have to say that it is much easier now for the credit card companies to detect fraud and to notify the customer.

I am watching NCIS New Orleans - I've never heard so many southern accents for a city where no one who is a native has a southern accent. You'd think they were filming in Mobile or Jackson. I have to say the city looks very nice. It is really nice of them to not show the sadder parts of the deserted buildings and streets. 

India and Zoubi have been wild tonight- chasing and running. It is so cute. I had to order some new fake bugs for them. They do like their fake bugs. I am training them in case we ever move back to the south.

I turned the heat up to 68- which is too warm, really. But it keeps me from having to wear a hoodie inside.

You know what I wish would come back? Linoleum. Cute linoleum. Hollis got into it for a while but hasn't put a floor of it in yet. If I ever have to remodel a bungalow or mid-century modern (aka ranchburger) I will put a linoleum floor in the utility room and a couple of the bedrooms. I live in a schizophrenic house- it is a craftsman in the front, plain jane in the back, full of inappropriate crown molding and has a modern kitchen. I feel no allegiance to preserving squat.
http://www.flooringhunt.com/linoleum-flooring-essentials/  kind of cute, huh?

I have to go eat a brownie now. Be jealous- it's okay!

Watch this video- (Rainell, I already sent it to you):

Well done.

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