Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7 Day 68

This morning was my once a month DAR meeting. Today our speaker explained about protocol and pins. When Alex went to the first evening DAR meeting with me he thought our regent looked like Napoleon. She is actually a petite and lovely woman, unlike Napoleon. But she does have some serious pinnage.  You can get a lot of medals in DAR. Of course, they aren't FREE and some require some serious work. But it is flashy. There is a strict hierarchy in most of these lineage groups- and I am at the bottom. Not quite the verrrrry bottom, but really close. I'm just happy that I got enough personal information to actually get in. Hollis is now finding other patriots in our lineage. I think we are loaded up with them. If we get the father or mother of the patriots, ten to one we can get into the Colonial Dames. You would not believe how many groups there are. Alex could be in the Mayflower society but he doesn't seem interested. What a surprise.

I have been doing some work today to fix up my poor crammed closet. It isn't a SMALL closet- it is a big closet. But I just keep stuffing things in. It has to stop, I tell ya. Tomorrow I have to be ruthless.

I sat down to do my blog and I heard the newscaster say that the Houston ebola victim was going to receive the same "excremental treatment" the other victims got. Really? I complain all the time about these idiots. These jobs have a nice paycheck. Too bad they don't require intelligence in any form.
And what is Jesse Jackson doing asking for prayers for the Texas ebola man? They used to say that Bob Hope would show up at the opening of a gas station- I think it is safe to say that about Jesse Jackson now.  Hilariously, now the weatherman is explaining that the actual MOON isn't turning red, it is reflected COLOR. The moon is still the same color. OH DEAR. I should quit local television next.

Our weather is scheduled to start going downhill by the end of this weekend. If you want to see Seattle, you have 4 days. We will then close the city for 9 months and birth some spring some time in June. 

Alex- if you are reading this- I haven't fixed dinner.  I have been too busy!

Winter- it is coming.

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