Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27 Day 88

Didn't I just do this?  It is supposed to get windy again tonight. Sigh.

I am busy getting stuff done in holiday anticipation. I don't do much for Halloween if there is no party to go to. We must be horribly unlikable. We haven't been invited to a Halloween party in ages. I did a Halloween party once, but it was sort of a mess, I like Christmas open houses. But then again, those aren't big up here either.

After swearing not to buy anything else for the dining table, I went online and got a beautiful set (8) of blue Indiana glass water goblets in the Whitehall pattern. They arrived this morning, and I loved them so much that I gave in and got a set in green and one set in peach. Now I have to get rid of my old sheet music on a shelf in my armoire because I have no place to put them. NO PLACE anywhere. This house has a lack of storage. The kitchen and bookshelves are great, but there are no other built in cabinets. I could sell my coats and install shelving in the coat closet. But well, this climate is ideal for coats. Of all colors. So that leaves the music armoire. I have hundreds of pieces of music- I can could play all of it. But I don't. So why not cave in and let go of some of it. Now to find a place to donate it.

I ordered some new napkins for Thanksgiving. They arrived,  and I washed them immediately in cold water. But when I was folding them, I noticed that they are embroidered on what looks like the wrong side. The hem side.

How weird, huh? It is so odd.
That company makes a lot of embroidered stuff- but I won't order more of it. Just weird.
I think I should be researching generators while the electricity is still on. Generators don't keep the cable on though- so everyone who thinks that DVD's are now dead are WRONG. The DVD player can keep you going when the cable is out. And you have a generator.
Tonight is the Blacklist. I love that show. It is SO hokey and contrived- but hilariously camp. I hope it goes on for years! saving the world, one person at a time.
Don't worry- if you just fell out of the sky, you can figure out almost everything that goes on or read the wiki page.
 the song is:You Were Born  by Cloud Cult

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