Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5 Day 66

Ah, Sundays. Time for the Red Zone coverage so that it seems like every team is scoring a million points. We hit the road to go to the nearby Jersey Mike's in Redmond for a sandwich, and a trip to the grocery to buy something for dinner. I don't know why dinner seems so daunting to plan for on Sunday. No one feels like doing anything unless there is a Seahawks game.

The VHS tape to DVD to external hard drive transfers are going well. One more hour and we are done with it for now. Merry Christmas to the kids who will each get the DVD's AND the hard drive with all the DVD's on it.  It just requires money to do this. Lots of money. And trips to the UPS store.  But I don't mind the cost because it means we HOPEFULLY will not lose them. The next generation can toss it in the trash when they don't care anymore.

I wrote a little note to the DAR chapter in Mississippi that is near my brother's grave, which is in a military cemetery. There is a program called Wreaths across America which raises money and puts wreaths on soldiers graves. You can go online and donate to it.  My DAR chapter participates in it, so I thought just maybe the one in Mississippi participated in it. And they answered me within 24 hours with a very firm YES. Isn't that wonderful? My brother will get a wreath put on his grave for Christmas. It doesn't matter that he won't see it. I know the miserable reception he had upon his return from Viet Nam always bewildered him. I think he would be delighted to know someone, this many years later, cared enough to put a wreath on his grave to commemorate his Purple Heart and service.

Alex is making another cake. I don't know how he does it- keeping a cake around is literally just a recipe for disaster on the scale.  He uses King Arthur cake mix, and it is very, very good.

We are watching the dvr of last night's SNL. I don't like Sarah Silverman at all. You probably can figure out why. She is just one big dirty joke to me- and that's not my kind of humor. I'm not a prude, but some things are just gross. And she epitomizes gross. And the band is Maroon 5- but Adam Levine sort of creeps me out, too. He is so scrawny for 35, and has that weasley demeanor. He reeks of his upper class upbringing yet screams like a crazed liberal. I cannot stand people who are not grateful for what they have had. There is no shame in being rich. It is your job to work to your potential and if that makes you rich, so be it. The shame comes when you are rich and act like OTHER people are the problem and you resent them. Idiotic. If you don't like rich people, Adam, then give your money AWAY.

Tomorrow the Hawks play, so I'm fixing gumbo and making an apple pie. I have no idea why- it just seems like a Monday night football sort of meal.

Here is Zoubi doing her usual Sunday morning work of making sure no one can read the paper without her:

See the paw in there?

For some reason, today my favorite aria is STUCK LIKE GLUE in my head. So I'll post it so that you can have it stuck in your head, too! I like to give.

 This is done by my friend Joe's favorite girlfriend, Cecilia Bartoli.  Joe loves her. He had a beautiful poster of one of her concert's in his house. I'm sure he must still have it.

She sang at my kids school as a favor to the people housing her for Houston Grand Opera. Those kids had no idea they were seeing someone sing that people all over the world would have paid thousands to have a private concert with. I didn't get to hear her because I had to man the phones while the rest of the school disappeared into the chapel.  I was fine with it. Sort of.

Tomorrow is Day 66- which means I should be getting a survey from the 99 days without facebook researchers.  I'm ready.

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