Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20 Day 81

Today was rearrange the nest day. I'm one of those "rearrangers". I'd do it more often but my husband is not one to enjoy changes in his surroundings unless it is from the house here to a house in Hawaii or France. The sofa is now on the other side of the room. India loved it- she acted like the furniture now contained snakes and puffed up nicely in her search to discover the cause of the disruption. Zoubi didn't really notice or care. So I guess that India is more like Alex and Zoubi is more like me.  I love to change things up. I still want a new sofa so this is a test run to see if I really need one. (I do).

I cannot understand the big deal about "pot edibles". Are you kidding me? If people don't put up their drugs of EVERY kind, then they are negligent. If I want to have some pot, I want it in the form of a gummy bear. In fact, the first time I was legally drunk (blood level not age) was at the age of about 4. I knocked back some sloe gin my parents left in the utility room. Lucky for them (but mostly me) it wasn't LYE. But they found me dead asleep (as opposed to just dead) on the floor of the utility room where they'd left it.  It was pink, so I guess I'm lucky it wasn't pepto bismol instead.  But if pot is in the form of a gummy bear, well, then keep it away from your kids. Your whole HOUSE is full of stuff your kids could mistake for food or drink. Madre di dios! Make parents smarter. Package it in childproof bags. Whatever our nanny state needs to protect kids from their parents. But don't ban it.

The poor Seahawks got the kibosh in the papers. Really? Seattle is a horribly fickle town about everything. Sad. They should try living in NOLA.  Then you'd learn how to support a team (and cook interesting food). Things were very rough there for decades.

I see Monica Lewinsky is out and about. She is absolutely right- she was the first victim of internet shaming and abuse. They certainly did blame the wrong person for that. Anyone who has BEEN 22 or had a 21 or 22 year old daughter is pretty aware that the President of the United States just MIGHT be a bit of awe inspiring and cause quite a crush. The difference is that the POTUS is a full fledged ADULT, who is CEO of the government, and should overcome his desire to be a predator and behave like a married man who is responsible for himself. He should realize that young women see him as charismatic and crush worthy. But evidently that was too much to ask. I felt sorry for this young woman the ENTIRE time. Particularly since Hillary (who pretends to be FOR women) went after Monica like a pit bull after a steak. I never saw such viciousness from a supposedly mature woman whose husband is a real jerk. Most women blame their husbands and then leave his sorry ass. But Hillary had a lot of practice dealing with this sort of thing and knew just how to vilify a young woman. Too bad. I learned a lot about women during that time. And it was disappointing as hell.

For some reason now, a classroom size of 25 is considered to be just awful. Huh? There were more than 25 kids in my elementary classrooms. We all learned. We all did just fine. True, that is a lot of kids. But there are also  a lot more administrators now. And more money spent handling all those kids who now suddenly have developed myriads of conditions that for some reason didn't exist back in the 50s/60s.  And parents- lots and lots of parents who complain. Until the schools cut back on all those administrators and get rid of the useless teacher's unions that keep incompetents on the payroll, they will never get my vote. 

Do you know who is playing in the World Series? Me neither. Don't care either. What happened to baseball? Seriously. When I was little I watched baseball on tv every Saturday after the wrestling matches. I loved it. Now, it is just a place to go have a hot dog and visit with friends. Half the time, I don't even know the score.

And here I thought I didn't have anything to say on day 81.  
In honor of talking, here is old school and new school:



Take your pick!
Good night from two people and two cats.

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