Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31 Day 92

Halloween! This year we had about 25 or so trick or treaters. Last year I had about 3. This is a good sign. Most of them were between 7 and 12 years old- but my favs are always the 3 little boys from a couple of houses down. They have really smart and happy parents and their mom, my friend Amy, works very hard at being a chill but wonderfully inventive mom. The boys are adorable and funny. She's poured her heart into raising her boys. In the summer, for 26 days in a row she plans stuff to do related to a letter of the alphabet. She also sits in a chair while they ride like daredevils on their bikes and razor thingies. Since we have real wild animals like bobcats and cougars and bears and coyotes here, it is best she has an eye out.  Her kids are sweet, well rounded and well, my favorites. They have a parakeet named Clive who flies about the house and if they are ill, Clive will sit on their heads until they are well.
Amy is an architect (but she doesn't work at that now) but she has lots of other skills- so she does photography in her spare time.
I'm still waiting for her to tell me how to thread my sewing machine! It is hard in this day and age to raise well balanced kids who get along with one another.

We have a batch of girls in this neighborhood- Amy's boys are just about it for the boys here- there is one more in the house in front of me but I seldom see him. The rest are girly girls. They are so cute and they are very polite. Uniformly they are tall and slender for their age. We don't ever see kids in the neighborhood in the school year- it gets dark too early, and it is always cold and rainy. If they go out, they go about 45 min from here and go skiing. Other than Halloween, the time we see them is at the bus stop. One time we counted over 40 kids getting off at the stop near us. We had no idea. When we were growing up, it was in the south and every kid went outside. All year round. In fact, we thought the kids who stayed inside were weird. Not here. We didn't have organized sports either. We organized our own. We played in vacant lots and in dry bayous. Lots of tetanus shots. But a sort of freedom children don't seem to have now.

Tomorrow I have to get up and make it to the Defense Luncheon. I'm not sure if I wear my DAR pin or not. But Lanabeth gave me a very sweet little ribbon with a teensy pin on it, and I guess I'll wear that one.

We are watching Lord of War on tv. Nicolas Cage is very good in it. Here's a nice war song for you.

I first time I saw Lord of War was when I watched 2 hours of it while in the dentist's chair getting the metal fillings taken out of my lower teeth. I was determined to get them out because they just caused one problem after another. It was expensive, but I don't regret it- I could go to Europe another time- and I watched Lord of War the whole time.  My current dentist doesn't have TV AT ALL. It is so annoying. How can such an expensive dentist not have TV? I only have two tiny fillings left in my poor mouth and yesterday one of them disappeared. I probably ate it. You can't tell it is out, but I really hate going back to the dentist. Let alone paying her.

I hope you had a great Halloween. We are shutting off the lights and heading to bed.
And for my friends in Louisiana, a solemn All Saint's Day. Louisiana- where if you aren't Catholic, it doesn't matter because you will observe all of those days and eat fish on Fridays. And by the way, Mary Landrieu is a bitch. What senator calls the people of her state racists and misogynists all because she is not getting her way with them? Well, Mary Landrieu does. Shameful.

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