Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14 Day 75

Hmmmmm. I have this sense of running out of time to clean up my closet and dresser. But today I got all my socks and threw them on the bed to make the hard decisions. That's a girl problem. Turns out I am pretty good at BUYING socks, but not so good at getting rid of socks. I didn't realize that until I emptied all 3 drawers full of socks out onto the bed. It made a small mountain across the king size bed. I'm not kidding. Not at all. In fact, it is good to confess. I am a sock hoarder. Whew. I feel better all ready. Sock hoarding really is easy to do. It's not that I buy socks all the time, in fact, I don't. I can go a year without buying one pair of socks. BUT, I never get rid of socks, and therein lies the problem. I've been known to sew up the toe of a favorite sock. Never mind that I have 130 pairs of various sorts of socks, if I like a sock, I mend it.  So I had some hard decisions. I got it down to TWO drawers of socks, but that is okay because I made sure I have a variety. Knee socks, athletic socks, regular gold toe socks, fancy socks, golf socks, comfy wear without shoes socks, theme socks (Christmas, Halloween, Easter) and the every popular striped fuzzy socks.  Next year, if I haven't worn them, I'll have to pare it all down again.

You know, without a mirror, none of us would know how old we are. We'd be like our pets- slow down when we had to, but not worry about it. Or at least we ASSUME they aren't worried about it. Maybe if they could talk, we'd get an earful of elderly complaints. If I had to say how old I am, I think I'd go with 35- but a rather bad 35. People say you are only as young as you think you are OR you are only as young as you feel.  I'd go with number two on that one. Maybe the best way to know your age without a mirror is to count your socks.

Today, the news reported that Isis has almost gotten to Baghdad. What is WRONG with the Iraqis that they cannot defend themselves? Isis has announced it is reinstating slavery. I cannot imagine how the Iraqis feel. Iraq was one of the most educated countries in the world prior to Saddam. Saddam murdered his people by the hundreds of thousands on up. But he murdered the most educated first. We didn't really use Iraqi oil- we only used what we had to in order to comply with the UN. It meant nothing to us in terms of volume. We didn't need it. The war for oil was a complete lie. It wasn't about that, but once the idea was put forth, it developed a life of its own. It was a misguided war at first because we just went in and expected the Iraqis to take over in 5 seconds. But they were like abused children who go to college and have no idea what to do because they have never been in charge of themselves. And the poor Kurds. I stood in my family room and cried when I saw the commercial they spent their money on thanking the USA- and no one commented on it or even seemed to care. But I cared. Weapons of mass destruction were there in the 80s- ask the Kurds who were gassed- mothers with their children in their arms lay swollen and dead. And now, after all that energy and money, and those dead and wounded American soldiers (and others), they fall back into the abyss that is radical Muslim terrorism.  Imagine if that happened here. One day it might. There is a time to fight. There always has been.


now you can cry, too. Shame on us. And shame on the people who hated a war that freed the Kurds. At least for a while.

Okay, I'll quit. That is certainly enough for one day.

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