Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29 Day 90


So, today I have watched this nurse in Maine say she is going to sue (someone! anyone!) for forcing her into quarantine.  The day that we allow people to trump the importance of public health is the day that we, as a society, are dead. This whole concept of being more important as an individual than more important than the safety of your community is disgusting. We've raised people to believe in their own incredible importance. Their DNA is so important that they tell US what needs to be done. Look lady, it is only 21 days. You're young-ish. If you are lucky, you aren't carrying any crap that could make all of us sick. Just suck it up. Be glad you aren't serving your Ebola time over in Liberia. If there is just 1 millionth percent chance that you have Ebola, then you need to sit down, read People magazine, have a diet coke with lots of safe, disease free ice in it, and be grateful that your life is okay.  I have no idea what is WRONG with her. This is a very weird time for everyone. We are so used to just curing everything- no big deal. When we bump up against something that could feasibly kill all of us one way or another, then everyone needs to pull together and STOP the problem. I find her embarrassing for my profession. Sorry cupcake, you should be ashamed of yourself. I guess she has just so much sense of self-importance ( "I went to Liberia and you didn't" sort of arrogance) that she just cannot be told what to do. I'm old. I remember stuff like quarantines. I remember notes on front doors that didn't allow for visitors. Back when there were no quick or easy solutions to disease, people were POLITE and said "stay away- we are contagious here". Perhaps she has brain fog and can't focus on anything other than herself. (emphasis on "but mostly me")

Today is national cat day. I love my cats. Maybe that angry nurse needs a cat. I can tell you one thing- a cat doesn't need HER. Cats require a lot of human interaction and attention. They are like toddlers in some ways- if you want a good one, you have to provide the right input. If you treat a kitten or young cat with kindness and love and realize their instincts as predators, you'll get a great animal. Hooray for national cat day!

I don't like voting by mail. I always wonder if my ballot got there. And I wonder if someone tampered with it. Seattle is full of that sort of chicanery. When the wrong candidate is winning, they continually "find" ballots- last time it was behind a sofa. Really. I kid you not. But today our ballots went in a mailbox. Ugh. Ugh. It feels so unpatriotic. People are so lazy. This is all a ploy to make it easy for people to vote. People should have to sweat just a LITTLE to vote- the freedom we have was brought to us by people who suffered and died. The whining about standing in line really got to me. Boy, I'm crabby today. Maybe it is dinner time.

Are you watching "the affair" on cable? Alex likes it but I find both lead characters not only not charismatic and unattractive,  but also boring. Ugh. I had to stop recording a PBS show so we could record The Affair. I'm not a PBS snob- I think a lot of their stuff is slooooow.  But sometimes I really am interested in Frontline and a few other things. If you like The Affair, let me know. Or not. Up to you.

It seems day 90 is a day of randomness. But remember, Americans will spend over $360 million this year on pet costumes for Halloween. You heard me.

Well, I am going to go fix dinner. I probably should post these things AFTER I eat!!

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