Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8 Day 69

The pumpkin patches near my house are full of pumpkins- but I had this moment of wariness because just MAYBE bears like pumpkins. And if I put out some pumpkins, there might be a bear just sitting on my porch thinking about eating me after he ate the pumpkin. Yesterday someone told me that bears can break INTO the house. You heard me. INTO the house. I thought the concept of a crazed deer coming through the big windows was bad enough. But a bear? ugh. So no pumpkins- just a tiny one on the front porch- you know, fun size. The kind a bear could WALK AWAY eating.

This morning I decided to put together my exercise bike that came from amazon. It has a lot of good reviews and 5% were bad. Things like the pedal fell off, etc. But 85% were great and no one reported dying. I'm hoping this is a statistical win for me. Here are pictures of my efforts:

I am still working on my closet. I think that will be a solid 7-8 hour job.

Tomorrow is my second watercolor class. I think I may have mentioned last week how awful I am. I think the teacher is not that good. She should be teaching us how to work with the color and make it function before telling us to copy a picture. It was a pointless waste of time for those of us who were new.  Some people had obviously had class before and were doing better. But it was awful! I have decided to return to one more class, and if she doesn't do a better job, I am going to pull out my uncanny ability to quit and do just that. I think youtube has a lot of good videos. That is free, too.

I see that research shows that the bigger the engagement ring, the more likely the couple is to divorce. I don't think it is the ring. I wear my engagement ring rarely- it is beautiful, but I leave it off because I do a lot of things with my hands that would have involved taking it off all the time. But I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the actual relationship.

Due to my heavy (ahem) work schedule over the past few weeks, I have fallen behind in required TV watching. So, before I go to dinner, I am going to catch up on Days of Our Lives.  So, I'm logging off. Have a wonderful night!

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