Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21 Day 82

This just in! Our Houston friend, Patty, just reached the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. She looks good. There is a rather chubby man in her group- it is all in his gut. So I figure just maybe he isn't so chubby- he is doing what I would do. He probably has a store of toilet paper under that puffy coat and he is selling it by the sheet to pay for his trip. No? Well, don't count it out. No one who looks that fat could even climb up Monkey Hill in NOLA (height approximately 10 feet) let alone even a well worn path up 19,000 feet or whatever that misery is.  I'm not sure I'd walk 19,000 ft even if there was a cake at the end of it. (refer back to the many posts about my laziness)

In other kinds of news, our baby orca's keep dying up here. I'm going with genetic defects though they say it is a food issue. The tourist boats really harass those pods, and I am assuming they are feeding them tofu sandwiches and jamba juice. Not really what an orca needs.  Really, I'll sober up here- it isn't funny. Orcas are really impressive and beautiful animals, and they should be seen from a DISTANCE.

I'm baking a chicken. Or roasting it. I don't know the difference. And don't write to me and ruin my ignorance.  But I went to the grocery store and spent a lot of money and only brought home two things that could even passably be dinner.  One was the chicken.

It is raining. Of COURSE it is raining. What else would it be doing? It is October in Seattle. The kitties were so used to the sunshine this past summer. They keep wondering what is going on here.
There's some rain on one of my nandinas today- in case you haven't seen rain on a nandina before.

Those teenaged girls who were stopped in Europe on their way to Istanbul to get to Syria to join Isis should have been left to do it. How do 3 underage girls get the MONEY to fly over there? My parents wouldn't buy me clothes or shoes once I was 13 because they figured if I had to earn the money I'd respect money forever. They were right about that. I couldn't have bought a BUS ticket, let alone flown to Turkey! And I'll bet they all had expensive cell phones. I know for sure they have a WHOLE lot of stupid. Nothing is more sexist (to the point of brutality) than ISIS!!! They want to be abused and beaten and sexually assaulted? They can get that kind of lovin' here if they look hard enough.  Idiots.

I hope that the abducted tourist who is being brought home from North Korea has to pay the bill for the US plane sent to get him. I am sorry- unless he was a CIA agent, he has no business in North Korea. None. I can't understand why we got him out on a US plane. Couldn't he just walk over to South Korea?

I wrote this early tonight because it is supposed to get very windy and sometimes our power goes out for hours. That is the worst.

I am  going to get my kids to check their cars for that air bag recall. Jeez louise, Just horrible. I guess globalization might kill us all- the air bags were made by a Japanese company in Mexico. Yeah, get it made in Mexico. No problems with that!

IN that spirit- here are some latinos in Australia doing the Mexican hat dance!

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