Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2 Day 63

Holy Moly! I'm going to start this off with a bang because today is BEAR day in our neighborhood.
You heard me. My next door neighbor (due to a weird layout I have about 4 next door neighbors) took this picture in her yard today: bear:
I am NOT mother nature's child. I'm not a hiker or even a walker up here. Because of THAT tomfoolery. And of course, the occasional bobcat family, coyote, or even aggressive hummingbird. I like the city because you only are afraid of the people.  As much fun as it is to sit at the table and look out the window at the flora and fauna, I've about had it with the fauna. I had to go eat some chocolate just to cope.
I don't know what to DO around bears. A lot of the other animals, unless they are rabid, can be encouraged to get out of my way. But dammit- I don't think there are many options with bears.  I am hoping the police will come at some point and get the bear. It is all well and good for people who say "well, they were here first". Really? What does that have to do with anything? I would really like that bear to GO AWAY. The ENTIRE Cascade mountain range is just a few miles up the road. Go there.

I took my first ever art class today. I have absolutely not one ounce of talent. Not even a gram of talent. A milligram.  My watercolor was so bad that it defied all logic. I'd have cried but my teacher was so nice. My birth sister, Candy, was really good at drawing. My daughter IS a professional artist. But Ryan and I have NO talent. We can doodle. We can make some amazing drawings with a ruler and pencil. But that isn't art. Drawing geometric shapes is NOT art.  My class is for old people, and even though they don't look too old, they sure act it. One lady is a know it all with too much botox in her face. I'm serious- it's like watching a coma victim start talking.  The lady next to me is very nice. One lady came over to see what I'd done and kept standing next to me. I'm thinking "you want to watch this ship wreck, go right on ahead but you aren't going to learn anything". One lady drew some nice ducks and did a very creditable job of watercoloring it. I suck. There are, in fact, no words for HOW BAD I am.  But I'll go back and pay attention. Our teacher said that art isn't really a talent- anyone can do it if they get the right instruction. I really don't believe it. She is just so used to doing it that she thinks anyone can.
What freaks me out is that you can't use any WHITE because white is supposed to be the paper. Oh. That didn't work out for me at all.

I have to go make some chili for dinner in a few minutes. But I just HAD to put the bear up there so you could understand why I am fat. I refuse to go walking. One night we were trying to get in our garage and a deer was blocking us. ACK.

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